Coolibar Inc.'s UV Protective Clothes: Business Strategy

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Coolibar Inc
• Merchandise classifications / line?
Coolibar Inc is designer, manufacturer and marketer of sun protection products. The company also sells protective clothing, sun hats, swim wear, sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreens and sun-blockers for men women and kids in the United States

• Retail price points for different merchandise lines? Coolibar pricing strategy places its products less than its major competitors and offers more divers products. Mott50’s main competitor would be Coolibar where sells Sun Precaution products at lower price and offer more variety goods. It has price competitive advantage. |Item |Coolibar |Mott50 | |Women's cardigan |$59.00 |$95.00 | |Women's Polo |$65.00 |$59.00-65.00 | |Women's tunic |$79.00 |$135.00 | |Dresses |$75.00-100.00 |$95.00-155.00 | |Pants |$49.00-79.00 |$55.00-145.00 | |Jackets |$79.00 |$110.00-175.00 |

• Who is their target Customers or markets? 
Coolibar operates in a niche market that is the performance apparel industry by supplying products that are designed to protect them against harmful effects of ultraviolent light and targets men and women from age 18- 64+ in America.

• What are the Marketing / promotional strategies
Coolibar is an e-retailer. Therefore, use the following e-business marketing to promote their products online: • Search engine optimization on their website,
• Use of search engines such Google to find products indexed in their website • Price comparison websites
• Marketplaces like Amazon
• Viral marketing use of e-coupons
• Uses social websites like facebook and twitters

• Indication for expansion or plan in sun protective clothing, e.g. through 10K or recent news Coolibar plans to undertake the following is subsequent years brand development, product innovation and sales growth. It’s also plans to enter into other markets in Europe and Asia.

Sun Precautions
• Merchandise classifications / lines?
•        Clothing – shirts, pants, SPF Swimwear, collections •        Sun Hats – All men’s hats; Fits larger heads; Packable; Chin strap; Neck drape; Winter. •        Accessories – Sun umbrellas & shelters; Sun gloves & sleeves; Unique face protection; SPF fabric by the yard

•        Clothing – shirts; pants; skirts; SPF swimmer; swimsuit cover-ups; plus sizes •        Sun hats – All women’s hats; sun visor hats; fits smaller heads; fits larger heads; sorted by brim size; packable; chin strap; neck drape; winter. •        Accessories – Sun umbrellas & shelters, sun gloves & sleeves; unique face protection; women sunglasses; SPF fabric by the yard.

• Retail price points for different merchandise lines? Relatively expensive than Mott50 and Coolibar.
|Item |Sun Precautions |
|Women's shirts |$70.00-90.00 |
|Women's Polo |$80.00 |
|Women's tunic |$80.00-90.00 |
|Dresses |$75.00-100.00 |
|Pants |$68.00-90.00 |
|Jackets |$98.00 |

• Who are their target Customers or markets?
Sun Precautions Inc. targets patients and health minded consumers seeking to have medically accepted sun protective clothing, sunscreen, and accessories. Even though it provides almost the same price as Mott50, the styles of the goods are more like sport wears. (Less fashionable clothes)

• What are the Marketing / promotional...
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