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Comparison of a Theme
Death can be written in many ways throughout poetry. Authors may sometimes use their own experience to write about what death means to them. Their words and writing styles are different than others who have the same theme in their poetry. This is what makes poetry so unique and beautiful. To be able to determine what each author’s difference is, you must analyze and compare their poems. This will help see how one theme can be written in multiple ways. In the poems, “Funeral Blues”, “Don’t Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, and “To The Mercy Killers”, the authors have described their theme, being death, in very different ways.

For example, Smoop is an online database of famous poems around the world. They have broken down short stories and poems to help describe them clearly. They also make it easier to compare multiple stories. In Wystan Hugh Auden’s “Funeral Blues”, pretty much tells his theme in the title: this is a poem about death. After the death of his loved one, the speaker has no joy or hope just as he mentions, “Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come”. He is completely and utterly devastated. His phrase, “The stars are not wanted now; put out every one” tells the reader there's no silver living in this poem, no happy endings, no smiles or songs. There's only the notion that death is the pits, and not just for the dead—for the living, too.

In addition, Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" laments the necessity and inevitability of death, encouraging the aged to rebel against their fate. The poem suggests that (to use an old cliché) we should leave this world the way we came in – kicking and screaming, holding on to life for all we're worth.

Furthermore, Dudely Randall’s “To the Mercy Killers” tells the reader that the life and death of human are determined by the God not by someone. The speaker says that life is too precious for him or her even though he or she has a very bad disease. Therefore, the...
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