Conventional Academic Paper Using Frames

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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This example paper demonstrates how the frames feature of Netscape can be used to present a conventional academic paper, complete with publication information, abstract, figures, footnotes, and bibliography. Using this template, it is not difficult to tag an existing academic paper for this kind of display on the Web. It is not necessary to make the paper "hypertextual" in order to present it in this manner. Of course, you can also create hypertextual links from conventional papers to other sources of information quite easily, and you can also modify this structure to suit entirely different purposes. My goal was to provide a way to present conventional as well as hypertextual academic work in a format that will support all of the conventions we have come to expect in print media, while allowing for the hypertextual potential of the Web.

The title, in the window above, is linked to publication information about this paper. You may email comments directly by clicking on the author's name, above. There are links below demonstrating three different ways to display figures, as well as links for footnotes, which appear in the footnotes window. Readers may resize the footnote window (or any other window) to view a larger print area for long footnotes. The Syverson Home Page link demonstrates how to take readers directly to the author's home page, replacing the frame window with the home page window, rather than displaying the home page within the frames here. Warning! This is a demonstration, not an actual paper!

Introduction: Overview of the key problem or question.

This paper argues that all evaluation has significant rhetorical dimensions, which are often overlooked. This is particularly dangerous where there are high stakes for evaluation and assessment, as in educational assessment and workplace evaluations. Purposes and audiences for such assessments differ, yet there is little understanding of their deeply rhetorical natureWe have for some time accepted...
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