Contry Life

Topics: Ecology, City, Environmentalism Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Country life – City life
Nowadays, because of the development of the economy and the urbanization, the gap between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural is considerably narrowed. However, there are still some differences between the country life and the city life. First of all, the environment in the country is purer and more peaceful than in the city. Although a city which has a lot of business centers or factories, would help improving the standard of living, it also has some limitations. The more plants are cut for buildings, the more polluted the natural environment is. Besides, the increasing of the population in the city also makes the environment polluted seriously because of citizens’ waste. On the other hand, living in a city has its own advantages about education and working. People in the country usually don’t have conditions to take a good education because of the limited backward infrastructure and manpower. On the opposite side, living in the city is not only convenient for citizens to study but there’re also lots of chances for them to find a good job. Because of those advantages, the cost of living in the city is significantly higher than in the country. Most of the services, such as transportation, food, housing, ect. are more expensive. Therefore, people who live in the city are usually under pressure working hard to pay for the cost of living which is more and more expensive than it’s in the country. In conclusion, the living environment, the opportunity of education and working, and the cost of the living are different between living in the country and in the city. In my opinion, I would like to live in the city than in the country because it gives me more opportunities to study and work.
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