Contrast Between Women of Yesterday and Today

Topics: Gender, Role, Gender role Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Contrast between the Women of Yesterday & the Women of Today Introduction:
* Introduce the essay
* Define
* Divide
* Discuss
* Drive Home
1. Domestic & work:
* How women were at home long ago
* Progress that happened
* Why they are able to work now
2. Education:
* No education before & reasons why
* How education is helping women today
3. Rights:
* No rights before: Women were under the control of men
* How they were able to get their rights
* Convention treaty to prevent discrimination to women
4. Politics:
* It’s only recently that we are having female politicians * Examples of some politicians
* Their contribution to the world
5. Sports:
* Women were reluctant to take part in sports activities
* Example of sportswomen and their contribution
6. Laws & protection:
* Long, ago husband mistreated their wives without any actions. * Now, there are laws that protect the women

* Marriage has less importance
* More divorce cases
* Decrease in birth rates
* Smoking, drinking & taking drugs

* Exploitation of women – treated as sexual object
* Grab people attention by exploiting women in sexist and seductive ways Conclusion
* Synthesising
* Personal view

his also includes traditional religious ideas of women being subordinate to men. In earlier times, a woman’s sole responsibility was to serve her husband and fulfill familial roles. This meant that women were prohibited from having a job, owning property and enjoying the same fundamental rights as their male counterparts. Despite the fact that women today can have careers, they are still faced with pay inequities and other sexual politics such as discrimination. The social roles of women have developed over time, with an exponential increase of opportunity during World War II in which women were enabled to work in order to fill the void left by soldiers overseas....
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