Contemporary Religious Issues in Christianity

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Islam Pages: 5 (1807 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Over time in various religions, there has been conflict. If not within one particular religion then there would be conflicting with each other. Christianity is a religion that most certainly has this issue. With many struggles in religion that people are face with today that would assists in the division of our human population, some religions still share some of the same beliefs. Though all religions are vastly different, the overall belief is geared to praise and worship God. Two religions that will be discussed in this paper that conflict with Christianity are Judaism and Islam. In Judaism, besides cultural division within, most of their conflict is with modern society. In Islam, the Muslim community has a great political outlook that has been coupled with their religious beliefs and stereotyping has been more recently a trigger for conflict. In this paper we will discuss the contemporary issues within Christianity. We will review the historical connections and theological similarities with other religions such as Judaism and Islam. We will also take a look at Christian denominations and how they interact with Buddhism.

Contemporary Issues within Christianity
Christians have struggles between their own religion, and with other religions beliefs. Christian’s belief in One God, God of Love. We can find a message in the passages of the Bible; in Genesis, a foundation about God’s creation. The concepts: stewardship and creativity, God blessed them; and God gave them this message, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth. (Bible) 2012 “. The Love of God gets lost in our daily living style because the temptation, we sin and man abused God’s stewardship, and we don’t follow what God is teaching us to do. Christianity and other religions in this new way of living, we all are challenge to face an inevitable change. Social and new technology is responsible for new changes. We ask ourselves, what about religion in the future. Influences, crisis, economy are slowly changing the conservative religion to their surrounding of cultures. This changes are giving new choices to each one of us, and some choices are giving us ethical and cultural choices that force us to examine ourselves in our most basic philosophical believes. Christians and other religions are facing some areas that may raise ethical and religion beliefs. How Christian must respond to such conditions? How can we live with this society and culture that surrounds us? "Christ of Culture" perspective is exactly the opposite of "Christ against Culture" This way of living brings culture and Christianity together. God is giving us life – Why humans want to decide to take away our own lives or others. Where is our belief and trust, or mainly where is our Faith in God. Why we want to take control. If God give us life; we must belief and have trust that he has a plan in our lives.

Ethical termination of adult life. Do individuals have the right to end their own lives or the lives or their loved ones? Even with major circumstances, do we get the control; where is our faith and believe that God does the impossible. Christianity questions about today is questioning about euthanasia. (Passive or Active). Passive allowing the person to die by discontinuing their treatments and active is taking some positive step to terminate the person life by toxic substance or the injection of an air bubble into the blood stream. Euthanasia is the act of putting the death of a person which their illness in not curable but is violating the six commandment” Thou shalt not kill (Murder). Such consent does not relieve the killer of guilt for the sin of murder. Euthanasia is an instance of murder, which is a categorically forbidden in scripture. Exodus 20:13 (Bakers, 1973), pp. 222 F. This society is giving us the opportunity to take control in our own...
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