Contemporary Police Relation

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Some critiques have said that a small percentage of law enforcement officers who are responsible for the misdeeds of the organization that have brought public criticism upon them. This very fact makes the indifference of police heads to the situation all the more reprehensible subject to criticism. Generally, when the police administrators are bought to task for permitting improper practices and misbehavior to continue, they are quick to blame political interference, inadequate salaries, weakness of the law, and lack of public support.

The Police Problems

The problem on political interference can be most destructive force and often it is a serious obstacle to effective administration of the police organization, but it cannot be corrected by passive measures. A fundamental responsibility of police administrator is to go and on, fighting for the ideals to the extent that political leader will finally be convinced of political expediency law enforcement.

On the inadequacy of salaries, many believed that honesty and integrity couldn’t be purchased. Thus, when the policemen are willing to accept responsibility as professionals and establish high standards of performance, then they can expect recognition in terms of appropriate pay scale and reasonable allowances. Careful inquiry usually discloses that those who are most deeply involved are the leaders in the politico-criminal malpractice. If the wages are too low to attract men who are capable of effective service, then, it is the administrator duty to present the facts to the proper authorities for correction and adjustment.

If the laws are weak and new legislations are necessary, then the administrators must see that the proposed solutions are properly placed before the legislature for consideration and correction.

As for public apathy, a law enforcement agency does not met the approval of the good citizens will not succeed. Public support is the end product of faithful, honest and effective law enforcement for the people in the community. Public support must originate with the people. It is a fundamental responsibility of police administrators to clean their own ranks and must deal with the problems directly, promptly and effectively. Otherwise, the impatient citizenry may take upon themselves to do the job for them.

Although the past many years of police development have record distinctive achievements, police services have apparently failed to cope with increasing crime. Despite of substantial addition of personnel at all levels of police service, statistics show continuing increases in criminal offenses and anti-social acts. Part of the blame may be attributed to political interference, low salaries, weak law enforcement, public apathy or corruption of officials and police officers.

But those factors are not the basic causes in the breakdown of police services. They are symptomatic of the more fundamental factors, such as disorganization, lack of cohesion or inadequate and realistic leadership, defective recruitment, inadequate personnel management and insufficient training. A situation of this character has a profound effect on the public welfare as well as upon the law enforcers themselves.

The public has become increasingly critical on police service and as a result a significant number of loyal and capable officers find themselves confused and fearful of the future.

Factors and Conditions which caused the Problems

Why Man Turns to Crime?

The causes are so varied as human experiences itself and man’s capacity for evil is matched only by his capacity for good.

If experts in human behavior, sociologist, and police authorities are asked why man turns to crime, complex and elaborate answers are offered that could be divided into the following categories:

1. Biological – The impulsive and the temperamental are likely to blow their tops given a particular situation. Obviously, certain types of...
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