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Nowadays, consumerism plays a more and more important role than ever before in almost every society. It is probably impossible for people to enjoy them daily life more wonderful than now if people live without consuming. At the same time, consumerism dose creates many advantages and disadvantages for both businesses and individuals. On one hand, many positive aspects have been brought out by large number of consumerism. Individually, normal consumption enriches people daily life. People practically can buy anything whatever they want from grocers, supermarkets and shop centre. For businesses, consumerism promotes various industrial in favorable state of developing, such as manufacture, service and fashion. In addition, considering the relevancy amount those different kinds of industries, a large number of companies tend to be co-operated each other in order to a promise future. What is more, this makes a great contribution to economics of societies. On the other hand, people do ignore negative sides of consumerism’s activity. Since a considerable number of products are produced everyday, the producers have to make varieties of sales promotion and advertising to accelerate the consumption of goods. It may lead a blindness consume behavior. For example, people buy a lot of products back home then leave them alongside and never use. It is a great huge of waste. Not only happened on consumers but also happened on producers on the over abundance stocking. However, people should hold a optimistic attitude on the disadvantages of consumption. It is a possibility to come up with some new industrial such as recycling. Maybe it is a effective way to solve some waste problems. Briefly, consumerism creates uncountable benefits for both businesses and individuals. The important thing is the balance of marketing should be protected which means appropriate produce and reasonable consumption.
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