Consumer Perception About Recent Online Purchase of Software

Topics: Standard deviation, Normal distribution, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Consumer perception about recent online purchase of software

Sushil Ghadge


Ninety-nine percent of software consumers in the India have access to either on a PC or laptop computer at home or work, 43% have a smartphone and 12% have an iPad or e-reader. These consumers are regularly downloading software or applications for these devices, but much of what they download is either free or costs less than 2500. The maturity of open source software and the widespread availability of free smartphone applications have created choice for consumers who traditionally have paid for software. In fact, 46% of software owners have switched to a free version that they consider as good as their existing paid software when they were due to renew their subscription or pay for an upgrade. For software publishers this competition is making it more and more difficult to sell to new consumers and retain existing customers.

Literature review:

The Internet has become an essential part of our daily life, and companies realize that the Internet can be a shopping channel to reach existing and potential consumers. Some researchers tried to find out the possible causes and solutions about rapidly growing trend for online shopping. The researchers are many and they have number of studies one of them is Nancy May Kay Leung from napier university who concluded that with this consensus Online Shopping as a whole has rapidly grown. The marketers of various companies have opportunity to launch and sale their product online if they provide on time delivery, and less shipping charges as applicable.

Objectives of the study:

This study aims to determine how the e-service quality dimensions affect overall service quality, customer satisfaction and purchase intentions.

Research methodology:

1) This is an fundamental research done with the sample...
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