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Topics: Generation X, Demographics, United States Census Bureau Pages: 7 (1590 words) Published: December 5, 2012
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Chandini Punjabi

Professor Gene Dichiara

Consumer Groups: Generation X

Integrated Marketing Communications

October 30, 2012.

Not too old, Nor too young

Consumer groups has always been an important issue in the understanding of consumer behavior. Studies of these Groups go from demographics to psychographics analyzing their attitudes, feelings, their ways of thinking and behavior about products, marketing of a brand, etc. So far we have a wide variety of consumer groups and I chose Generation X for this project, to emphasize and target my research to consumers of that group.

Generation X is the generation born after the Western post–World War II baby boom and according to demographic and psychographic studies people of this Generation X group were born in the 1960’s and early 1980’s and they should be around 30 and 50 years old in the present year. Generation X, also known as Gen X, involves friends, family and event my parents, so it makes this research even more interesting for me.

Origin of the Name

The term “Generation X” was created by a Magnum photographer named Robert Capa in the early 1950s when he used that name as a title for a photo-essay about a young both men and women growing up right after the WWII. That project first appeared in the UK in “Picture Post” and in the U.S. in “Holiday” (1953). After that it was popularized in Canada by an author called Douglas Coupland in one of his novel “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture.” (1991) referring to young adults lifestyle during the late 1980s. This helped popularized the term Generation X; in the U.S. some people known this group as the “baby bust” generation following the baby boomers. There was a drop in birth rate in America in the late 1050s

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creating approximately 88.5 million Gen Xers in the U.S, according to demographers William Strauss and Neil Howe.

Gen Xers Characteristics

These “baby busters” are known for being more intelligent and sophisticated than the baby boomers, since 60% of the population went to higher education institutions and we are exploring the diversity and characteristics of a generation that helped shape business, culture and technology. One website, “”, divided Gen Xers into different subsets instead of a single group with different characteristics; Pragmatics, Thrillers, Disenfranchised and Quality Seekers.

* Pragmatics: To achieve results they use data and practical approach. They understand the intricacies of Media and Marketing and for that they are considered cynical.

* Thrillers: They represent speed, they contributed with sports worldwide with the X-Games and legitimate recognize skateboarding in the Olympics.

* Disenfranchised: They claim to have changed the world with Gen X. but not getting the enough attention they feel they earn.

* Quality Seekers: They are all about personal wealth and sophistication. They spend money to get high quality such as brands.

When it comes to Macro Trends (web intelligence), Gen Xers are more educated than their past generation baby boomers. They are creating their way into entrepreneurs and CEO’s in their own path for the future five years. A lot is expected from these Xers since they are perfect; not too old, nor too young.

Gen X Demographic Profile

The MetLife Mature Market Institute created a profile of Generation X which complete all the demographic profiles for this project. This study was made in 2009 and focused on baby busters born between 1965 and 1976. Population: 2009 2030

Gen X Males 24,982,122 23,576,150
Gen X Females 23,678,179 24,809,078
Total 49,660,301 48,385,228
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In 2009 the Gen Xers represented 16% of U.S. Population and in 2030 they are expected to represent the 13%. * U.S. Census...
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