Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study

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  • Published: January 4, 2013
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BUS520 Assignment 1
Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study

November 10, 2012

Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study
Consensual workplace agreements are being adopted by some companies it response to workplace romances. I am going to argue for the use of them and also counter against their merit. There will be a discussion of the ethics involved in their use. I also plan to give an alternative to the consensual workplace agreements. There are many reasons for using Consensual Relationship Agreements in the workplace. We will examine a few of the reasons I feel are that they are valid and have merit for use. These are protection from sexual harassment lawsuits, it will allow the inevitable workplace romance between employees, it sets boundaries for behavior at the workplace and can help with the levels of relationships if one or both move into different positions in the company.

Most companies are concerned about the possibility of sexual harassment in the workplace. It is estimated that in the United States nearly 10 million workplace romances occur each year, and that nearly 40% of all employees have had one. (Pierce & Aguinis, 2009) This is of concern for the employer. Keeping the workplace romance in the open and having those involved, by signing a consensual relationship agreement, may help with a reduction of raising sexual harassment lawsuits. The agreement of the relationship may help in instances where the romance dissolves. Also if the relationship is clandestine then it could turn into one party accusing the other of duress or coercion.

Since we know that workplace romantic involvement is going to happen, then it may be better to get the benefits it offers. Workplace romance can be very positive. Moral between those involved in the romance can increase. This can yield higher levels of energy, creativity, and motivation. Productivity, cooperation, communication and teamwork can all be improved by not only those...
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