Cons of Bureaucracy

Topics: Franz Kafka, Bureaucracy, Force Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Cons of Bureaucracy:
One of the major weaknesses of bureaucracy is that it would eliminate the autonomy that the workers are used to having by standardizing work procedures, and by adopting clearly defined rules that instruct that them on how to work in every possible situation. This ‘standardization’ leads to the formation of routine tasks, which may eventually lead to the creation of a dissatisfied work force due to low levels of job-enrichment and self-actualization being achieved from completing the task. Moreover, bureaucracy leads to an obsessive concern with following the rules, which inhibits modification and hence restricts people from exercising intelligent judgment causing problems in situations that don’t precisely fit the rules. Therefore in the case of the instrument assembly team of Agem Electronics Corporation, bureaucratic measures would be unsuccessful as the tasks done by this team involve constant and spontaneous changes and modifications as various different problems arise repeatedly. Thus, the implementation of bureaucratic measures would make it harder for the team to exercise the judgment and rather they would be forced to comply with the rules set by the organization, which may not work well in certain situations. Additionally, bureaucracy would lead to an exponential increase in the number of administrative functions and make the organizational structure more vertical; there would be an increased formalization and departmentalization, with centralized authority and narrow spans of control which would inherently cause communication issues and inter-departmental conflicts of interest leading to serious problems in the day to day running’s of the company in the long run.
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