Connective Story

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connection Story of my Trip to the USA
During the summer of 2002 , my parents and I decided to go on a vacation to Los Angeles. This was the first time I will visiting the States. At the time we lived in Dubai, so it was mandatory according to U.S rules that we had to apply for a vacation visa in order to enter USA. This process took about two to three days. During this time, my parents and I packed our bags At the time I was only 10 years old, and wanted only my backpack to travel with as well as some clothes and my gameboy packed too. But my mum insisted I take more clothes since we were going to stay in Los Angeles for about 2 weeks. Finally, the next day my dad got the visa approved and had the plane tickets to fly. We were travelling on a British Airways 747 plane , from Dubai to London then from London to Los Angeles. The flight time was an estimated 8 hours, a very long flight! In order to keep myself busy onboard I watched the movies on TV that were shown on the plane. They had a wide variety of stuff from animation to all types of movies. When we landed in London, during the 3 hour transit, my parents decided that we should just hang around in the Duty Free area until the announcements were made to board the plane. Whilst my parents fell asleep on the seats in the transit lounge I wanted to explore the Heathrow airport. So I made sure where my parents were and did a little trip around the airport looking at the other passengers and stores around me. There were a lot of eating outlets such as Starbucks, Mc Donald’s, etc. While looking around, I saw in the corner of my eye a big glass window that had the view of the planes taking off and landing. I was so interested in watching those planes and almost forgot about my parents that were resting on the other side of the terminal. I went back to my parents and wanted them to come with me to the area where we can see planes landing and taking off. We spent so much time watching these interesting movements...
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