Connections Accross Texts

Topics: Feature film, Road to Perdition, Mother Pages: 3 (1315 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The idea I have selected is ‘Suffering breads resilience’. The texts I have selected are, the films ‘Road to perdition’ directed by Sam Mendes and Spiderman directed by Sam Raimi , the war poetry ’ On my First Sonne’, written by Ben Johnson, and finally the novel ‘the Recruit’ written by M.T. Anderson. In this essay I will discuss the idea of how suffering (losing a loved one), breads resilience (strength from feeling the same hurtful pain again). I will discuss further the meaning of the connection to the text and linking the idea to how society reacts to it. In feature length film, ‘Road to Perdition directed by Sam Mendes there are two characters that have been subject to breading resilience from suffering. These characters are Mike Sullivan who is a senior member of the Irish Italian Mob and his son Mike Sullivan Jr. These characters have been subject to suffering early in the film as Mike Sullivan’s wife and youngest child were murdered, Mum and younger brother to Mike Sullivan Jr. Sam Mendes has cleverly done this to add more of a plot and a darker, deeper aspect to the film as this can portrayed through the course of most scenes as dark lighting is used throughout. Mike Sullivan and his son soon start there journey after the dreadful occurrence, ‘On the Road to Perdition’, hence the title of the film. This title reflects both mike Sullivan and Mike Sullivan Jr resilience of there tragic loses as they are on the road together finding there own way together to overcome the hatred part of there lives, trying to put it all behind them. This reinforces the idea of, suffering breads resilience because the characters become stronger mentally while the story progresses as Mike Sullivan knows precisely what he has to do get rid of his demons, this can be shown when Mike Sullivan is getting ready for the final event of getting his peace back by killing McGuire (character who killed Mike Sullivan’s family), Mike Sullivan Jr urges his father not to go, risking his...
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