Connection Between Human and Animals

Topics: Life, Human, The Animals Pages: 4 (1750 words) Published: February 15, 2013

"The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different." This was quoted by Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher. The numerous animal imageries in Timothy Findley's book The Wars are used to show the similarities and differences of the way how human treat animals and their life. The characters Captain Leather, Rodwell and Robert Ross reveal their own connections to the animals respectively, and the connections fully prove the good side and the bad side of human nature. Captain Leather is a commanding officer, he is one of the negative characters and he treats animals without humanity in the novel. When the barn yard is on fire, Robert’s first thought is the animals, and he wants to set the horses and mules free. However, Captain Leather tries to prevent Robert from freeing them, a hundred horses and thirty-five mules, and he does not even care about those real lives. He screams at Delvin, “‘Shut those God damn gates! Shut them! Shut them! You traitor’” (183). He is a selfish officer, and he is very cruel and merciless to animals. A life means nothing to Captain Leather, and he has no feeling towards the death of the soldiers. When Robert tells Captain Leather that perhaps there are a lot of soldiers died in the trench, Captain Leather does not even worry about it, he seems to think that those men were born for fighting and sacrificing for the wars: “Leather even said ‘Just so’ when Robert explained that he hadn’t been able to locate his men and that he feared they had all been killed” (116). Captain Leather orders Robert and his men to go to the forward position to set up the guns, and Robert knows that they will be dead for certain because the position is very closed to the German lines. Captain Leather does not understand how dangerous the war is, and he just gives orders: “Laid down the purpose of the new guns. Gun...
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