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Topics: Accordion, Tejano music, Diatonic button accordion Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Bonifacio (Boni) Mauricio III began entertaining audiences at a young age in June 1974, performing as a drummer along side of his father Bonifacio Mauricio Jr. By 1980 Boni was a fluent drummer, bassist and bajista. During the 1980’s while performing with Conjunto Legend and master accordionist Issac Figueroa, he asked for accordion lessons. Little did he know that his musical career would embark on a new horizon!! Boni started playing the diatonic accordion in 1982 performing and or recording with such Tejano Greats as, Los Campeones de Raul Ruiz, El Conjunto Madrigal, Conjunto Badd, Pio Trevino , Al Chavarria and The Hometown Boys too name a few. Boni being influenced by his Padrino Tony De La Rosa took his advice to create and go solo!! In 1992 Boni formed his own conjunto “Los Maximos”. He developed his own style of both singing and accordion techniques by using influences from his mentors and or inspirators such as Jose Feliciano, Isidro Govella, Juan Sifuentes, Joe Ramos, Tony De La Rosa, Angel Flores, Mingo Saldivar, Flaco Jimenez, Salvador Garcia, Manuel Guerrero, Paulino Bernal, Steve Jordan and many others. With this mixture of combining voices and accordion techniques, Boni became very recognized!! In 2001 Boni did his first solo recordings with Hacienda Records and to this day Boni continues do both produce music for other bands and for himself. Throughout the past 38 years, Boni has acquired many recognitions and awards. The most recent being a full sponsorship by Roland Corp. U.S. as a Product Specialist for their new line “The FR18 Diatonic VAccordion”, and his induction into the “ Tejano Roots Hall Of Fame” as an Accordion Legend (House Bill 1019 passed by Govenor Rick Perry) in 2011. Boni to this date continues to perform throughout the U.S. and Mexico taking his very unique and admirable music to those that still want and hunger authentic ORIGINAL SCHOOL CONJUNTO!!!
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