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Topics: Immigration, Australia, Human migration Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Convenient Education
Directed and written by Louis Dai, David Elliot-Jones and Lachlan McLeod
Produced in 2012


Section A
Response 1

Convenient Education is a documentary that explores Australia’s social processes; tension, competition and change. It focuses on ‘the rise and fall of a migration market that made international education an 18 billion dollar industry only to spiral out of control’. It documents the stories of immigrants who were exploited in the international education scheme. It expresses how the system was set up by a “ruling class” (who in this case was the Australian Government) in order to exploit a subject class (the immigrants) by using them to ‘solve the countries skill shortages and super-charge the economy’. The documentary explains how the Australian economy thrived on the cheap and steady flow of migrants eager to find their wealth and prestige in ‘the lucky country’. The economy was able to do this by setting up the super structure of society in a way that allowed the education sector to train as many migrants as possible as cheaply as possible and then using that labour power to fill in all the gaps in the Australian work force.

‘We get these young students, they will pay for their skilling, and we’ll get a young skilled migrant labour force that was designed for Australia’s needs alright? So it was plus and plus.’ 1.30min

‘Convenient Education’ documents the social change influenced by the shifting interests of the Australian economy and international students and the competition for their own advantage.

Response 2

Due to the growing needs of the Australian economy and the vast amount of profit made from International education it is extremely valuable and a big issue in the Australian immigration debate. In 2009 Australia hosted 7% of the world’s international students, the students are not only an asset to Australia but Australia is an asset to them. Response 3

While focusing...
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