Conflict Comparison Israel-Palestine

Topics: Israel, Second Intifada, Palestinian National Authority Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: June 22, 2008
World History Research Paper

Modern day conflicts are on the rise, due to the population explosion, religion, economy, resources and land. These collisions are usually started by mild upsets and lead to large debates and sometimes even military confrontation. This type of conflict between separate countries is commonly set in countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Yet the best known type of hostilities have been the land debates and wars, these occur due to unmarked borders or territories conquered during battles. Such have been the Ecuador-Peru and the Israeli-Palestine wars and land conflicts that have had an effect world wide. These have been stirring up for decades and have usually had restless resolutions, always leading to more conflict. The Ecuador-Peru land conflicts in Latin have had the more efficient peace processes than Israeli-Palestinian conflicts in the Middle East.

The Israeli-Palestine conflict is one of the most active and controversial of conflicts. It all started in 1917 when the Balfour Declaration was written, which was a letter by the British in which they supported the Jewish Zionist movement. Then in 1947 the British put Palestine in the hands of United Nations to choose between making Palestine a free state, or giving part of it to the Jewish people to build Israel. “…On February 14, 1947 that His Majesty’s Government had decided to refer the Palestine problem to the United Nations.” SOURCE 3 The United Nations signed in favor of the new Jewish state which outraged the Palestinian people. This began the Israeli-Arab War that lasted a year. Israel took military measures and was quite successful in crushing the unorganized Palestinian fighters. Israel was able to take over 40% more land than was marked in the U.N. plan. Thousands of Palestinians fled to neighboring countries as refuges and continue to live there today.

In 1967 Israel launched an invasion on the Sinai Peninsula, part of Palestine and the...
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