Conflict and Peace

Topics: Malaysia, Orang Asli, Aslian languages Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Title: Conflict & Peace

Chapter 1: Introduction

Conflict & Peace. The meaning of lost is also referred to as gone or once there is and now there isn’t. Cultures are different people way of thinking, celebrating tribal events, believe in different things and speak their own language just to name a few. The examples of different cultures and people are Chinese people believed in Chinese cultures e.g Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Chinese Literature, Chinese New Year, Dragon Festival etc. Muslim believed in Malay cultures e.g Hari Raya, Fasting Month etc. Indian also believed in Indian cultures etc. Pongal, Thaipusam etc. So different people and cultures makes our world interesting and different and now imagine that is all GONE!!!.

Chapter 2: Global Perspective

In the world, we have different types cultures and people who live in different places on the earth and celebrate different. We have the Orang Asli living in Malaysia. Aboriginal Australians living in central Australia where they are lot of desert and Native Americans who live in parts of America. If cultures are lost they will be a lack of population in their cultures and also new skills which we don’t know and different cultures does and the same likewise.

One of the causes of culture lost is development. Development basically means the process of growing and to be more advanced. Development can range from anything from technology, buildings, transport, economy etc. The development of technology is increasing rapidly. We all know the leaders in this are Apple and Samsung with the smartphone and music players that can do almost anything imaginable for a phone and even more. The advantages of being technologically advanced is that we save paper when we need to write or send some important documents, we can just write it on our devices and not like years before when we have to use paper which happens to be process from trees from the forrest. The disadvantages of being technologically...
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