Condoms in School

Topics: High school, Sexually transmitted disease, AIDS Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: March 3, 2013
What is your topic?
I chose the topic on whether high school officials should be allowed to hand out condoms to their students

What are the possibly different main claims/positions related to this topic? (There will be at least two (2) possibly different claims/positions, but there could be more; however, one of them will be YOUR claim/position.)

One position would be opposed to allowing school officials to hand out condoms to students. The other position thinks that it would be a good idea to allow high schools to hand out condoms, as long as proper sex education is being taught What is your position regarding the topic?

My position is that I think that high schools should be allowed to hand out condoms. I believe that if the kids are taught how to properly protect themselves there would be lower numbers of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

What “evidence” have you offered to support your claim/position? Have you included your survey results?
I have included some survey results, but I think I need to survey more people in order for the results to be accurate. I have also done some research on the positivity that could come out of handing out condoms in high schools. Who is your intended audience? (This does not have to be specifically your instructor.)

My audience is parents of high school students.
What is your purpose? What do you want the audience to do, to feel, or to think? Remember that a persuasive paper is always asking for some sort of response from the audience.
My purpose is to convince parents that handing out condoms could have a positive outcome, and prevent teen pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. What words or phrases have you included to cause your audience to do, feel, or think the way that you want them to do, feel, or think? Include all of your motivational or empathetic “cues” for your audience.

I mainly just used states to catch the audience’s attention How can your position actually better meet the...
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