Condoleezza Rice

Topics: Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor, High school Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: April 26, 2011
“I don’t ever remember thinking that I was an exceptional student, segregation was just always in my way”, Condoleezza once said looking back on her difficult childhood. Segregation played a huge part in Condoleezza Rice’s life. Whether it took place during the times of her childhood or even while she held her position as Secretary of State. No matter how tough times became for Rice, she always held her head up high and never gave up. It’s evident that Condoleezza Rice is a living leader because she is determined, dedicated, and confident.

Condoleezza Rice’s determination is one of the many ways she demonstrates leadership. To begin with, Condoleezza rice received a low score on her SAT; however she didn’t let that get in the way of her goal to finish High School earlier than anyone else in her class. Rice decided to pay a visit to her counselor, only to be told that she wouldn’t be able to graduate early because she wasn’t smart enough (Felix, 92). Condoleezza Rice didn’t like what she had been told and thought the real reason behind it all was because of the color of her skin. Rice wanted to prove everyone wrong, so she decided to put all her effort into her work and study harder than anyone else was. Rice’s dream was a success; she ended up graduating fourth in her class at the age of fifteen while finishing up her first year of university at the same time (The Lady and the Veep).

Condoleezza Rice is determined to do whatever she sets her mind to. “Every day as a young child was spent at my grandmothers, hour after hour piano students marched in and out, the sounds fascinated me and that’s when I knew...”(Felix, 38). Rice always had a difficult time doing things that she was interested in, because of the segregated community she was being raised in. Therefore, no matter what was going on, if there was an opportunity for her to practice she would take it. Rice began fulfilling her dream at the age of three, performing in her first recital just a...
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