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Music students are expected to attend one additional concert each semester as a listener (not performing). Concerts should be of a “classical” or “serious” nature as opposed to popular music. The idea is to have you attend concerts and be exposed to music you might not ordinarily be exposed to. Consider Mr. Lestina’s general guideline: “If you think you’re going to enjoy it, then it probably won’t count.”

Examples of events that count:
Other band, orchestra, jazz or choir concerts at VHHS. (not one you are already performing in) Choir concerts (ex: CSO & Chorus, New Classic Singers, other college choir concerts) Opera performances (ex: Lyric, Chicago Opera Theater, performances at Northwestern, etc.) Band Performances (ex: Northwestern, DePaul, Northshore Concert Band) Orchestra performances (ex. CSO, Lake Forest Symphony, Elgin Symphony, etc.) Jazz concert – Symphony Center, NU, DePaul, CLC, DuPage, (hearing your buddies play at a local restaurant does not count) Musicals do count for choir students

The band, orchestra and choir performances of other high schools in the area

Examples of events that do not count:
Concerts involving performers younger than yourself (i.e. junior high, middle school concerts) Rock concerts
Collage and other talent shows
Dance recitals (ex. Orchesis, Fashion Show)
Anything that you are already performing in even if only for a small part Performances that are part of another function, (i.e. a performance during a church service)

1. One performance per semester is required.
2. Write an evaluative essay that includes the following information: a. Date, time, and location of the performance.
b. Who/what did you see?
c. What kind of music was performed?
d. Did the venue enhance or detract from the performance? Why? e. Discuss the stage presence of the performers.
f. Discuss the musicality of the performance. (Be specific) g. What...
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