Concentric Zone Theory

Topics: City, Town, Urban area Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 22, 2011
The concentric zone theory demonstrated by Ernest Burgess is a theory that might be a little dated. It used to be that cities would form around one central nucleus in order to make sure that all important things were done in that specific area and people would come to this center area to administer and watch whatever may be going on in the town circle, as you get further out to reach the factory area in the CZT. Today, cities don’t really follow that pattern as you would not want a cluster of factories right outside the city’s main urban area. This would make the center see a little more irrelevant for factories. After the factory area, you have the transition zone. Now this is something that I still think exists. I see the transition zone as the area of low income workers who don’t make enough money to be labeled as blue collar, as well as an example of many service-sector jobs. These are the people who are slowly working their way into the outer zones in order to live a better life. Right outside of the transition zone, you have the residential zone. This is the biggest zone in the theory, as this is where all workers choose to live. This still applies to what is called the suburbs today. Most people strive to make sure that when they have a family and children, to live in the suburbs as this area is generally much safer and where most of the educational establishments are. Finally, you have the commuter zone, which is where you must drive in order to get your place of work and then again to get to your place of residence. This could go either way, as some people have a ton of land outside the city, whereas others don’t have the money to live within the city and would rather live somewhere more remote and just come into the city when they need something or if they have to go to work.

When asked if this theory still holds, I would say it depends on where you look. During my time I spent in the southern states, I would say it is more common in...
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