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Scott Renaud
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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Barbarian
“Conan the Barbarian “starring Arnold Schwarzenegger came out in 1984 with what some would say a well-received reception. This movie became a cult classic and spawned over 25 years of similar types of movies. In 2011, The movie studio’s remade this classic starring Jason Momoa with a highly anticipated release for fans of both the movies and the comics. Many critics say the remake was a closer adaptation of the original comics and short novels written by Robert .E. Howard although in many movie goers view the remake didn’t carry the same impact as the first.

The first movie changed the way we look at action stars and created a whole new type of hero. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a larger than life action star, is something we had never seen before. This man had dominated the bodybuilding world for over a decade and now burst on to the action scene with more muscles than anyone had ever seen before, it’s as if the man had almost as if a character drawn onto the movie screen into physical perfection. Arnold was a man of few words speaking with a heavy Austrian accent which at times was hard to understand. But with Arnold’s one liners, strong physical presence and urge to crush his enemies, he became a new type of bad ass hero. This new type of action star was completely different then the good looking, average built star with fancy cars and fun gadgets. This was a no frills, no nonsense guy who took what he wanted with a smile.

As for the re-make of “Conan the Barbarian “starring Jason Momoa made in 2011 the story line was similar one of revenge for his slain family. Jason had been around for a little starring in Stargate Atlantis and Thrones where he played a tough guy but nothing like what he was about to do. As Jason was a trained actor there was more dialogue and a much larger special effects budget than for a small film of 25 years ago. Jason’s performance was well received...
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