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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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In discussing crime trends, it is important to understand the economic and political factors at the time that may have influenced the crime rate (example: economic recession; war; economic prosperity; etc). What variety of factors do you think influence the crime rate? Where do you think crime is most prevalent and why? In your postings be certain to discuss the issues of race, class, and gender. Use the framework listed in the above paragraph to post an answer to one of the three following questions: 1. Why do men commit significantly more crime than women? Have women’s changing roles in society impacted their involvement in crime? Why or why not?

Men’s commit more crime than women just because they can, they are stronger, have the macho mentality in most cases, the ability to detach from feelings and women have maternal instincts, I think they are encoded with a sense of creating life which men don’t have, but women can be colder than man, more methodic and vengeful than men. The rate of crimes committed by women is changing accordingly with the women involvement in society feminist movements.

2. Minorities are clearly over-represented among those arrested for a wide variety of crimes: is this a result of their greater involvement in criminal activity or the result of disproportionate arrest policies by law enforcement? This is only my opinion, but I think there is a disproportionate number of arrests among the minorities, the book doesn’t talk really much about the statistics for Hispanic population, but it does a good job talking about African Americans, 3. What is the relationship between poverty and crime?

In your reply posting to a classmate, choose a posting that opposes the view that you have on the subject and discuss why you feel your viewpoint is more accurate. In this DQ I want you to start citing your supporting statements with a reliable source (like your textbook). Use parenthetical citation as the format for your citations. An...
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