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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Section 5 Study Questions (18.0 points)


Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary, but some questions may require more than one sentence to answer them fully.


Lesson 1 (5.0 points)


1. What is a screen in a presentation called? (1.0 points)


2. What file extension do Impress files use? (1.0 points)

 open office

3. What can you use to create a presentation quickly, without making it from scratch? (1.0 points)


4. What is a transition? (1.0 points)

 the thingy that changes from one slide to another

5. When you're giving a presentation at work or school, which type of transitions should you use? (1.0 points)

 simple ones

Lesson 2 (5.0 points)


1. What is layout? (1.0 points)

 the plan

2. Where can you look to see small versions of the slides in your presentation? (1.0 points)

 to the left

3. What is an outline? (1.0 points)

it says what youre gonna talk about

4. How are formal outlines organized? (1.0 points)


5. How are informal outlines often organized? (1.0 points)


Lesson 3 (4.0 points)


1. How can images help a presentation? (1.0 points)

 to see whats going on with your life

2. List at least two things you would include in a citation for an image. (1.0 points)

 about the presentation and an example

3. What file extension does a Draw file use? (1.0 points)

 open office

4. What image format is good for large, complex images? (1.0 points)

 the format that is used for large complex images

Lesson 4 (4.0 points)


1. What is an oral presentation? (1.0 points)

 when you speak a presentation

2. Before you prepare for a presentation, what do you need to figure out? (1.0 points)

 what youre gonna talk about

3. List at least two ways you can engage the audience. (2.0 points)

 comedy and food
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