Computer Addiction

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Chapter 3
This chapter illustrates the design of the study, the research instrument , the respondents of the study, the data gathering procedure as well as the reliability and validity of the research instrument and the appropriate statistical tool to interpret the data that was gathered during the process of the study. Research Design

The study utilize the descriptive method of research. This method is a fact finding procedure concerned with the conditions and relationship that exist; practices prevails: beliefs or point of view that are held; processes that are going on (Ardales, 2008). Moreover, it determines and describes the extent of computer addiction among student nurses of WNU for the year 2012 – 2013.

According to Ardales (2008), descriptive design is particularly appropriate in the studies dealing with computer addiction. The reason for this is the fact that behavior or interest can be systematically examined and analyze as they happen. More particularly, this study sought to assess and describe the computer addiction among student nurses. For this reason, this design is deemed most appropriate. Furthermore, this research design for studies which aim to find out what prevails in the present conditions and relationships, held opinions and belief, processes and effects, and developing trends. Subjects and Respondents of the Study

The subjects of the is the computer addiction among student nurses of WNU.
The respondents of the study were taken from the total population of twenty (20) student nurses who were currently enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Nursing of WNU for the year 2012 – 2013. The sample size was computed using the Slovin’s formula which resulted to nineteen (19) respondents.

The formula in solving the sample size is as follows:
n =N1+ Ne2
n = sample size
N = Total population
e = error of the mean
n = 201+ 20(0.05)2
n = 201+ 20 ( 0.0025)
n = 201+0.05
n= 201.05
n = 19 respondents
Data-gathering Procedure
The researchers sent a letter asking approval from the Dean of the College of Nursing for the conduct of this study.
The data gathering instrument was based on the computer addiction survey, that would use to measure computer addiction, but modifications was done in order to suit the present study.
Part I contains the demographic profile of the student nurse such as age, sex, educational attainment, and length of experience.
Part II is the questionnaire proper which consists fifteen (15) items related to computer addiction and its different categories. Respondents answered based on the given list and they rated based on the extent in which they believe that they exhibit the behavior by rating them as 5 as almost always, 4 as generally, 3 as frequently, 2 as seldom and 1 as rarely. This gave the researchers the knowledge on how the student would relate to stress and it will be ranked according to what they preferred. Validity of the Questionnaire

Validity is the degree to which a test measures what it really implies to measure ( Ardales, 2008). The validity of a questionnaire item was concerned with whether or not the items actually elicited the intended information. The research instrument was validated by employing jury opinion.

The content validity was established by a panel of experts to measure what it expresses to measure (Ardales, 2008). The questionnaire has undergone validation by experts in the field of research and nursing which included a grammarian, a statistician and a Master in Nursing Graduate who were examined and critiqued the set of test items.

Reliability of the Questionnaire
Reliability is concerned with consistency, accuracy, precision, stability, equivalence and homogeneity. The reliability of the research instrument was treated using Cronbach Coefficient Alpha formula ( Ardales, 2008).

Thirty (30) respondents from another college served as respondents for the reliability testing. These...
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