Competitive Intelligence Predicament

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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Problem Statement
Miguel Vasquez, a new product manager for a biotechnology company, was handed with some competitive intelligence from another competing firm. •The said information, handed to him by his boss, contained proprietary and confidential information that can give a competitive advantage to the firm. •This information was obviously obtained using an illegal tap into the competing firm’s servers. •With no clear policy on matters that pertain to the above scenario, Miguel is left wondering what to do with the information given to him. Will he use the illegally obtained data for their benefit knowing full well the manner in which the information was obtained or will he opt to proceed without it?

Key Objectives
The point of view that will be adapted would obviously be Miguel’s given the extent by which he is involved in the decision making process. The general question on how Miguel is going to act on the ethical dilemma that he is faced with will impact the outcome of the work. What Miguel must solve in the end is whether or not he should be using the data obtained for the benefit of the company or to leave it untouched and unopened.

Analysis of Causes
Ethics is all about making choices and in this particular case, the use of the data or the non-use of the same both has its advantages and disadvantages presented to the subject – Miguel. With these taken into consideration, the use of critical thinking in determining the best possible solution is necessary in order to come up with a viable solution that would impact the firm and the individuals involved in the most positive way. •Stakeholder’s (from company employees who depend on the success of the firm to its clients who need the best possible products in the market) should also be taken into consideration given that they also are affected by the decision that Miguel would be making. The lack of a code of ethics presents challenges...
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