Comparison of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : June 1, 2012
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Comparison of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet
West Side Story’s characters have a number of similarities with the characters from Romeo and Juliet. The characters are: Romeo and Tony, Juliet and Maria, Mercutio and Riff, and Tybalt and Bernardo. These characters are alike, yet different. They have similar scenes, similar loves, and similar deaths. Throughout the movie of West Side Story, even more characters similar to the characters of Romeo and Juliet. In this I will also compare the scenes and the characters of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet.

First and foremost I will compare Romeo and Tony. In Romeo and Juliet Romeo is convinced by Mercutio to go to the masquerade. In West Side Story Riff convinces Tony to go to the dance. When Romeo meets Juliet at the dance, they go off to a room in private. By contrast, Tony and Maria stay in the open dance floor where everyone can see. When Romeo marries Juliet, they do it in a church. Whereas, Tony and Maria have the ‘wedding’ in a dress shop, and pretend to get married. In the balcony scene, Romeo is unseen by Juliet at first. Instead of a balcony in West Side Story, they do it on a fire escape, and Maria is aware of Tony the whole time. When Tony hears from Doc that Maria is dead, he goes out to find Chino (Paris). When Romeo hears that Juliet is dead he visits her tomb. In the last scene of West Side Story, Tony finds Maria alive and well. As he runs towards her, Chino shoots him with a gun. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo kills himself in the Capulet tomb. Finally, Maria doesn’t kill herself when Tony dies, while Juliet stabs herself in the heart. Romeo and Tony, Juliet and Maria, are similar in their love, their scenes, and finally Tony/Romeo’s death.

Now I will compare and contrast Mercutio and Riff and Tybalt and Bernardo. Riff is a serious person in West Side Story. In Romeo and Juliet Mercutio is a joker, a prankster, and a fool. When Riff and Bernardo fight, Riff dies then...
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