Comparison of Robert Browning's Poems

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  • Published : November 13, 2010
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Robert Browning was a very dramatic English poet. He created dramatic monologues and very dramatic poems. As he wrote he seemed to be a psycho killer or a person with a very abnormal way of thinking. Possibly two of his most famous poems are Porphyria’s Lover and My Last Duchess. Most would recognize quickly that the poems are similar due to their dark tone, evil similarities, and odd way of expressing love. The poems differ due to the fact that one seems to be happy in the beginning until he killed his lover, the other one seems to put you in an antsy mood as soon as you start reading, and finally how the narrator relates to the lover.

The darkness in each poem is recognized as soon as the reader begins. A feeling of coldness and uncaring towards the lover is expressed in each poem. I can feel evil as I read each one. I can feel some type of hate and unrealistic love towards the woman. Each poem seems to be feeding off of some type of evil. The narrator in My Last Duchess seems as though he loves the women but seems a bit unclear on the reason she is gone and is not alive, almost as though he killed her himself. In Porphyria’s Lover the man did kill the lover who confessed her love to him. “In one long yellow string I wound three times her throat around, and strangled her. No pain felt she… “

Porphyria’s Lover seems to start out on a good note and seems to me like at the beginning everything was fine. Even though it was cold and stormy I could feel the vibe between the lover and the narrator. At the end I was wrong about the happiness that the beginning was giving off to me when he wrapped that string around her throat. My Last Duchess started off on a bad note saying that she was looking almost like she was alive. I did not feel very comfortable about the way he was explaining who she was. Another way the poems differ is the fact that in My Last Duchess he claimed to love this woman and yet killed her. In the other poem he said he did not know what to do...
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