Comparison of Marketing Strategy – Steigenberger & Taj Group of Hotel

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The Steigenberger hotel group name stand for top-class European hotels. They provide incomparable hospitality and superb service for over 75 years. All hotels of the Steigenberger Group are both traditional and modern. They fulfill the high expectations of the guests to the full. The Steigenberger Hotel Group is currently in an expansion phase. Two Steigenberger Grand hotels will set new hotel standards in Leipzig as well as on the Baltic island of Usedom in the coastal resort of Heringsdorf in 2011. In addition to the portfolio expansion Steigenberger invests extensively, for example in its famous Grand hotels in Stuttgart and Duesseldorf.

The Steigenberger family business was founded in 1930 by Albert Steinberger when he took over the hotel which is today know as the Steigenberger Europäischer (European) Frankfurter Hof in Baden-Baden. Today his daughter in law Anne-Marie Steigenberger and his three granddaughters Bettina, Christine and Claudia Steigenberger are still the major shareholders of the company. They own 99.7% of the shares. The other 0.3% has been given to loyal employees, which have worked for the family for over 40 years and close friends. By its membership of the supervisory board as well as its financial and non-material involvement, the Steigenberger family firmly supports the organisation’s management and staff. Over the course of years, the company has grown to become one of the leading European hotel groups. The top hotels like the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof or the five-star properties in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart as well as the luxurious resort hotels in Germany, the Netherlands, Egypt, Austria and Switzerland are synonymous with first class service, excellent leisure amenities, modern fitness holidays and refined ambiance. Through the services of its numerous subsidiaries, which run as profit centres, such as Steigenberger Hotel-Academy (training institute governmental recognised), Steigenberger Consulting or HEAD, the purchasing organization, Steigenberger places its know-how and services are the disposal of the market both in Germany and abroad. In the year 2005, Steigenberger Hotels plc will celebrate its 75th anniversary. At an age when people usually go into retirement, the Steigenberger organization plans taking on a new lease of life for ventures. By consistently and resolutely implementing a market-oriented corporate policy, the company has laid the necessary foundation to ensure its continued success at home and abroad. History of Steigenberger Hotel

The Steigenberger name has stood for top-class European hotels, incomparable hospitality and exquisite service for over 75 years. The Steigenberger Hotel Group was established in Germany on April 1, 1930 by Albert Steigenberger. All hotels of the Steigenberger Group, both traditional and modern, fulfill the high expectations of their guests. The Steigenberger Group consists of two hotel brands: (1) Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts and (2) Intercity Hotels. While Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts are targeted toward upscale guests looking for a luxury vacation, Intercity Hotels are targeted towards travelers looking for an urban setting. While it has been many years since the hotel group was established, the Steigenberger family members are still the largest shareholders of the company. Our business proposal is to build a four-star hotel for small business travelers in the United Arab Emirates under the “Steigenberger Hotel Group” chain, “Intercity Hotels.” The Board, Supervisory Board

Karl Anton Schattmaier He is the co-ordinator and speaker for the Board of Directors, managing director representing the employees, operations for all hotels and restaurant/catering enterprises, personnel, corporate planning, press/PR, sales/distribution, marketing and SRS-World hotels, which are also part of the Steigenberger Hotel group.

Hanns- Georg Scheibe He is responsible for the following areas: accountancy,...
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