Comparison of Leadership Styles for Cadbury and Kraft

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The pre hostile acquisition of Cadbury by Kraft Foods
Compare and contrast the preferred styles of Irene Rosenfeld and Todd Stitzer in the context of the pre hostile acquisition of Cadbury by Kraft Foods. You should apply appropriate management and leadership theories to support your arguments. Consider first Irene Rosenfeld’s leadership Style.

By referring to Hersey’s model of situational leadership model – adapted by JE Chamberlain from Mullins (2007:302) and Hersey et al (2000) followed on from a number of previous writes to develop the model of situational leadership. Diagram 1 refers: Situational Leadership Model (JE Chamberlain from Mullins) Autocratic



*See P 32 of workbook and P 9 of Profex
* Readiness is a combination of ability, willingness and resources * Depending on the state of readiness (R1-R4) four corresponding leadership styles are proposed * S1 - telling
* S2 - selling
* S3 - participating
* S4- delegating
* Leadership is a dynamic form of behaviour and there are a number of variables which affect the leadership relationship * Leadership characteristics and/or Characteristics of followers * Nature of the org and/ or External environment

The approach by Hersey et al identifies the situation or circumstances as the key factor in determining which leadership style is the most relevant and appropriate to the two CEO’s. It is a key skill of leadership to recognise what is going on, and then select the best behavious or style to deal with that situation effectively. The case study data highlights Rosenfeld’s focus on the task/performance at the expense of people’s feelings and boundaries. This is illustrated by her speech at Cornell in 2007, where she described her return to Kraft. ‘The staff was tired , raw, disillusioned,’. Her slogan was, let’s get growing’. It’s not a warm and fuzzy strategy’. Additionally was not sensitive to intruding into other...
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