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Topics: Investment, Mutual fund, Risk Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Comparatives Study Between Mutual Funds Offer by HDFC and ICICI Companies Name: Rajesh Godara (2008 -2010)
Title: Comparatives Study Between Mutual Funds Offer by HDFC and ICICI Companies  
* To analyze the concept and parameters of Mutual Fund
* To project Mutual Fund as the ‘productive avenue’ for investing activities. * To show the wide range of investment options available in Mutual Funds by explaining its various schemes. * Tell about the ratios Sharpe’s ratio, Treynor’s ratio, Co-efficient, Returns and show which scheme is best for the investor based on his risk profile. * To help an investor make a right choice of investment, while considering the inherent risk factors. * To understand the recent trends in Mutual Funds world

* To help the investors to get right kind of schemes of Mutual Funds.  
1. The study is limited only to the analysis of different schemes and its suitability to different investors according to their risk-taking ability. 2. The study is based on secondary data available from monthly fact sheets, websites and other books, as primary data was not accessible. 3. The study is limited by the detailed study of various schemes of Five Asset Management Company. 1. The study is restricted to secondary data only

2. The time is the main constraint so limited period of time is spent on this study. 3. The support from the management side may be limited due to their pre occupied meetings and work. 4. Not possible to get whole information because of their business secret and lack of awareness among people. 5. Mutual fund industries are so developed as compared to stock market.  

After interpreting the above data the following conclusions have been made HDFC Mutual Fund:
* It is a diversified equity fund.
* It is a open-ended equity scheme
* In HDFC the returns are low ompare to the ICICI Prudential mutual fund * It is a value based fund
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