Comparison Between Ubuntu and Windows

Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: June 27, 2011

The comparison between the two operating systems is a long running topic within the PC industry. The two differ in their philosophy, cost, stability, versatility and security. Comparisons of the two operating systems tend to reflect their origins, historic user bases and distribution models. Typical perceived weaknesses regularly cited have often included poor consumer familiarity with Linux, and Microsoft Windows' susceptibility to viruses and malware.

It is a long time propose project of the DepEd and City Government to develop computerization every elementary schools. And Zapatera Elementary School was one of the schools that was choosen to be benefitted with the said project. Last summer 2009, they introduced the free and open source terminal server for Linux that allows many pupils to simultaneously use the same computer. Applications run on the server with a terminal known as a thin client. The processor of the server being used is PENTIUM 4 and the processor of the receiving client is Pentium 2 that boot only using the floppy disk. The terminal deployment of the booting process of each client is slow because it uses a low end version of Pentium.

| |Windows |Edubuntu version | |Installation |May be installed through the Windows |A live CD that may be used for testing, install or | | |Preinstallation Environment |recovery. | | |Takes longer to install many updates required |Easier and faster, updates available every 6 months | | |before installation is complete |Open source operating system, free to download and | | |There are paid upgrades from 1 version to another |install...
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