Comparison Between the Characters Romeo and Juliet.

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Compare and Contrast the characters Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are two normal people, from two different families that are enemies, who aren’t allowed to date each other. This big conflict between two families get into a street fight, and all of a sudden the two star crossed lovers fall deeply in love. These two characters have different personalities and relationships with friends and families, but by the end, they end up both relating each other.

By looking at specific parts in the play, both Romeo and Juliet are not very close with their parents. For Juliet’s side of the family, the parents don't seem as if they are her actual parents. She is instead closer to her nurse, who used to and still does everything for Juliet and her mother since she was a baby. The nurse clearly says “For I had then laid wormwood to my dug…When it did taste the wormwood on the nipple” [1.3.28-34], which tells us that she had breastfed Juliet after eleven years since the earthquake had occurred. Lady Capulet was supposed to talk to Juliet alone, but she instead invited the nurse along and this was the scene where we find out that the nurse actually knows a lot about Juliet and her personal life compared to Lady Capulet. Juliet is also outgoing in a way of being close with the nurse because it seems as if Juliet does not mind telling her anything that she wants. They are like two best friends who met from a very young age, and still are very close with a strong bond. But, in Juliet’s case, it can also be because of their traditions, such as marriage. In the Elizabethan times, Juliet would have been kept at home all the times, while Romeo would be free, which is why there are many street fights. And, this is the same for Romeo as well. Instead of being close to his parents, he is closer towards his friends, Benvolio and Mercutio. He is more free to do whatever he please to do and makes his own decisions, even meeting and falling in love with Juliet was his own choice,...
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