Comparison Between of Mice and Men Novel & Movie

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Of Mice and Men Differences Between Movie and Book

After having read the original version and the more recent film adaptation of John Steinbeck’s majorly successful novel, Of Mice and Men, the apparency of differences between the two is at times subtle while also being very obvious during different portions of the movie. In the film there are several major differences between the movie and the book with three being particularly apparent. We are shown the differences through the portrayals of characters, Lennie’s sanity and, simply, the scenes themselves.

When watching the film, the first difference the viewer can see between the book and the movie is how the characters are portrayed. A notable example would be Carlson. In the film, Carlson seems to play a much larger part compared to the information given in the book about his character. He is introduced much sooner in the movie and appears to be a part of many more conversations. On the opposite side of Carlsons portrayal is Crooks’. In the book Crooks is characterized as a much more active character. An example of this would be when Crooks interjects in the farmer’s conversation to let Slim know that he had finished preparing the tar for fixing the mule’s hoof. The filmmakers changed this scene so that Crooks was not involved at all and that George prepared the tar instead.

Another massive difference between the book and the movie are the acts themselves. Going back to the previous point of Crooks and the tar, the scene when George took the mule into the barn to fix its hoof is altered drastically. The impression given to those who have read the book as well is that it was changed because Steinbeck used it as a way to flesh out Curley’s wife’s character. This scene was likely changed because there is no narrator and instead we are given a visual explanation of Curley’s wife through her actions. Also, almost the entirety of chapter four is removed or altered in the film. We are shown only a...
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