Comparing Othello

Topics: Laurence Fishburne, Pain, Emotion Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Colleen Andrews
ENGL 252 Literary Types: Drama/ Bean
March 27, 2013
Essay #2

When I began watching the two clips in the play Othello, Act III scene 3 which was the handkerchief scene, I started watching the BBC Version of the play, and personally it caught me a bit off guard because although I read the play, the acting out portion of the play was very outdated in many ways such as; the costuming on characters, it was a British film Broadcasting compared to a Castle Rock Entertainment piece with 21st century characters and clothing. Does the display of the play’s scene such as characters age, style of living wither it was modern day or present day, color of film affect the viewer’s perception of the play? I believe it becomes difficult to follow along with what is going on in a particular scene because of its disadvantages such as the lighting of each scene, how the music collaborates with what is going on in the scene, the date and year the film was recorded. The style of clothing chosen for the characters in both scene A and scene B differ dramatically. I want to be engaged in what it is that I am watching and I feel as if the more up to date the film is then the better chances of my focus and attention to be on that play more than the other.

The two clips differed in many ways, the characters emotions, and how they portrayed those emotions to their acting. In order for the audience to understand what it is that is going on you need to be passionate about the role you are playing. Scene A shows many examples of being compassionate in the characters role, for Instance; when Othello was feeling pain he showed it not only on his face but his body movements and gestures as well. When watching this part, the acting led me to believe that Othello was in severe pain and he was hurting. When watching the BBC version of the play, the character that played Othello reacted quit differently when he was in pain. His actions did not mimic how he was...
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