Comparing Kenya and Japan

Topics: Japan, Chinese martial arts, Karate Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: November 24, 2011
I think Japan has been the most interesting country out of Kenya and Japan simply because of their advanced technology, culture, architecture, food and fighting styles. In this essay I will be going through the key interest points of Japan and do a conclusion on which country I would prefer to visit and why. Firstly, I think the most interesting thing about Japan is their advanced technology. Japan is the world leaders in technology and are way ahead of us. The reason for this is because Japan Company’s such as Sony and Panasonic spend billions of pounds on research and developments on their products unlike others this is why we are so behind. Japans technology is mostly focused on consumer electronics (electronic things for everyday use), robotics and automotive industries (design and developments of motor vehicles). Secondly, the architecture of the Japan is amazing. Japan is mostly known for its traditional architecture and is world famous for it. The reason for this is because the traditional architecture of Japan was unique for example the roofs of the buildings are curved and this was not normal for Britons of Americans and was influenced. Japans not only famous for its traditional architecture but it is also well known for its modern architecture. Its modern architecture is absolutely stunning because the buildings have been developed again and again making it more unique. The theme of the modern architecture is mostly curved and circular shapes, to make it look futuristic and new. Thirdly, the food of the Japanese is way different than ours there typical foods are noodles, fish, rice, meat, vegetables and tofu. It is flavoured with soy sauce, dashi and miso they are low in fat but are high in sugars. The Japanese are known for eating all sorts of weird and unusual things such as insects, plants and raw or cooked meat, there are many more things making it more and more interesting. Lastly, I would like to talk about fighting styles in japan. Martial art is...
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