Comparing Animal Farm and Russian Revolution

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Comparing Animal farm and Russian revolution
Dare Yusuf

Due date 4/21/2013

In this essay I am going to show how Animal farm and Russian revolution are the same. Orwell wanted to educate people in communist Russia. The book is about animals but really it is about communism in Russia. All characters in animal farm have a meaning and counterparts in Russian revolution. Animal farm system was feudalism. Mankind is trying to control animals on the farm and in feudalism Kings control the people. Mr. Jones is a cruel and viscous to the animals and his counterpart is Tsar because they both wanted to control all of their land with ruthless force. Eventually both leaders were overthrown by their people. Animalism and communism are both present in book and Russian revolution. Old major was the animal revolutionary founder and his counterpart was Karl Marx who invented communism. These two guys got the people to revolt against their leaders. Old major and Karl Marx died right before the revolutions began. Snowball was second in charge after Major died; Leon Trotsky was also next in command of Red October after Karl died. The Snowball and Leon both fought in civil war and “The battle for Cow shed” for Animal and Russia. Snowball wanted to build a windmill to help the farm prosper and get the animals a good life, Trotsky had a set of five year plans for Russia to help them get out of debt. The pigs in the book compare to the rich of Russia during Russian revolution. The pigs never follow the law of the farm and the rich of Russia never followed the law because they were able to pay them self’s out of trouble. Four pigs confessed to working with snowball and were executed on the spot by dogs; the rich people of Russia were sometimes tortured to confess working to with Trotsky, so Trotsky could look evil. Moses is a lazy bird that talks about a place called “Sugar candy land” and Moses counterpart is the...
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