Comparing and Contrasting Yeh Shen and Aschenputtel

Topics: Cinderella, Brothers Grimm, Fairy tale Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Cinderella Comparison-Contrast Essay

In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting two Cinderella stories Aschenputtel and Yeh-Shen. Aschenputtel is a German folktale written by the Grimm brothers, and Yeh-Shen the Chinese version written by Ai-Ling Louie. They are both stories about two young beautiful maidens who are treated badly by their stepmother and stepsisters. Afterward, they are rescued by loyalty. The story’s message is to teach people that goodness is always rewarded in the end. The stories Aschenputtel and Yeh-Shen are both similar Yeh-Shen shares the same sad background as Aschenputtel. They both lost their mother when they were young, leave them been raised by their evil stepmother. As the two beautiful young maidens grow older, their stepmother jealous with their beauty and grace so they are force to do hard chores. They are not allowed to go to the festival but they have help and support from their Magical animal friends. At the end of the festival they both lose a golden slipper and later married a royalty. Although they both share the same similarities, they also have some differences. Aschenputtel lives in a wealthy house, while Yeh-Shen lives in a cave. They both have help from their special magical friends, Yeh-Shen friends were her fish and its bone, and Aschenputtel friends are doves and a magical hazel twig. Without their friends help they may not got to the festival. Just as Aschenputtel maintained her dream of going to the prince’s ball, Yeh-Shen also had her dream; she “longed to go to the Spring Festival,” where young women met their husbands I think both of these Cinderella-like folktales both repulsive and gruesome for children these days. Although the stories have the same message goodness is always rewarded in the end, I think it still too bloody and disgusting for kids these days. But in some way it true to real life, Cinderella has more than nine hundred version all around the world from Germany...
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