Compare N Contrast Middle Ages to Renaissance

Topics: World War II, Post-War, French Revolution Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: December 8, 2012
When Johnny comes marching home again describes the situation when soldiers were returning home from the First World War. It expresses people's longing for the return of their friends and relatives who were fighting in the war. Their families were waiting for them with open arms as in contrast with the government who was not prepared to provide them with the right things to minimize their necessities. The cost of the war was immeasurable, in money, nature, physical and social damage. The war completely destroyed the economic and emotional stability of the families. The readjustment of the veterans is probably the major home front problem during the post war period. They found it very hard to integrate back into society. Those brave soldiers didn’t get back the things they had before they went to fight in the war to defend our country. Their jobs most likely had been taken by women and black men. Some had white collar jobs and others had blue collar jobs but both of them were of great importance because they provided enough to support their families. Unfortunately all those benefits and privileges were gone, instead of getting better their chances of progressing they had to face hardship because of price rises in food, clothing and home furnishings. When they returned they expected recognition from the government and a special treatment for what they had achieved but they were very disappointed by the fact that the government didn’t respond to them the way they thought it should. The number of Americans dead was astonishing, all these men left their families, jobs and dreams to fight for our country. Some were physically wounded, they had lost an arm, leg, ear or other parts of their bodies. Injuries to the mind were less conspicuous, but affected most of the veterans, during that time advances in technology were minimal so it was very hard to diagnose each one with the correct mental problem to give them the right treatment to cure them. The ones killed in...
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