Compare-Contrast Essay

Topics: Gender, Female, Wife Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: March 10, 2009
Title: Compare-Contrast Essay In twenty first century communication is very important aspect to humans. People have to talk the way listeners like. When there is male and female working together, there always occurs a problem of communication. Men like to talk about one topic whereas women like to talk about different topic. This problem commonly occurs in newlyweds. The husband thinks that his wife is so over caring, on the other hand the wife thinks that her husband is not emotional. This problem occurs because both men and women have different types of talking styles, different ways of thinking, and different point of views. I am reading two articles based on this problem. One of them is “His Talk, Her Talk” by Joyce Maynard, and the second article is “Man to Man, Woman to Woman” by Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Haas. “Man to Man, Woman to Woman” is better at explaining the problem of male-female communication than “His Talk, Her Talk”. I am going to compare these two articles to show why one is better than the other. In her article “His Talk, Her Talk”, J. Maynard explains the problem of male-female communication by stating her own experiences from her life. The author describes how men and women like to talk about different topics. First, she gives the example of her son, who plays with the blockmaking car noises rather than playing with the doll. She explains that there are no innate differences between men and women, but it’s the environment who has taught the child about the differences. The author also focuses on the incident when she went for a party where men and women were separated into two different groups. Men were talking in the living room; on the other hand women were comfortable talking in the kitchen. Sometimes, these things even happen to us, but we don’t even notice them. Then she talks about her and her husband. Then she makes a good point that man like to talk point to point. She explains how man summarizes the whole event and...
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