Compare and Contrast the Influence and Consequence of European Imperialism on Africa and China During the 19th Century.

Topics: China, Qing Dynasty, Second Boer War Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Compare and contrast the influence and consequence of European Imperialism on Africa and China during the 19th century.

Imperialism is when one country dominates the cultural, economic, and political life of a nation weaker than itself. In the 19th century, Europe was the nation that was dominating both China and Africa. There were quite a few similarities in the way that European imperialism was changing these nations. One important similarity was that both the nations had resisted against British imperialism at one point. However, despite the fact that both these events occurred at the same time, by the same nations, there were quite a few differences as well. One of the main differences due to the impact of Imperialism in China and Africa was that China had a revolution where as Africa did not. Another difference was that China was harder to conquer due to geography and the people who lived there.

One major similarity between China and Africa while they were undergoing Imperialism was that both nations opposed to Imperialism. The way this was done in Africa was by the Zulu war and mahDist war. The Zulu war was led by the Zulu nation (an African tribe) in the 1820’s and they fiercely resisted the British. This lasted till the 1880s and the Zulu nation was broken apart. However, in 1899, the Boer war began. In this the Boers, who were the Dutch farmers in Africa, resisted against the British. During the war, the British has discovered diamonds and gold and this led to even more encouragement to win the war. By 190s, the British had ended the war. Similarly, in China, there was the Opium war, which existed between the Chinese and the British because the Chinese has destroyed 6 million dollars worth of opium which was owned by the British. The British had once again, seceded and won the war. There was also the Taiping Rebellion and the Manchu dynasty was weakened but only won because of help from the west. In China there was one more form of resistance...
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