Compare and Contrast of Us and Turkey

Topics: United States, Education, Islam Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: June 13, 2012
The Western style of education has gained popularity over the last decade. Many Turkish students come to countries like the US, Canada and Australia to study at an university and improve their employment prospects. As I am one of them, I gained 13 years experience in Turkey and also currently living in America, I had a chance to see the similarities and differences between United States and Turkey. In this essay, I will briefly compare and contrast study, homesickness and culture in US and Turkey.

In addition both countries have private and state schools.The students can choose one of them and can have a good education. American students have the opportunity to be an exchange student in other countries. Similarly, Turkish students have the chance to be an exchange student. American citizens attach importance to their religion, just as Turkish citizens do. The American folks go to the church every Sunday. Likewise, Turkish people go to the mosque every Friday. Both have homesickness when they live, work, study abroad. A final similarity is that Turkish and populace in the United States have respect for their culture and they try to keep their culture alive. American folks celebrate Christmas ever year, just as Turkish public celebrate Ramadan.

In spite of these similarities,there are a lot of differences between study,homesickness and culture in US and Turkey.

Turkey’s culture is radically different from that of the US because the American nation are mostly Catholic and Turkish population are mostly Muslim. American people believe in the Bible, in contrast Turkish public believe in the Koran. Tuition fees in the United States are very expensive unlike tuition fees in Turkey are very cheap. This fact depends on the quality of education because the western education system has been teaching in a better system than Turkey. The United States government gives importance to the education. However, Turkey government has been working to change the law...
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