Compare and Contrast Ny and Fl Transportation

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  • Published : August 31, 2012
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Living in both New York and Florida can have its ups and downs. Being that I have lived in both New York and Orlando Florida, I can certainly say that living in New York is more interesting to me than living in Florida. In New York it is much easier to get from place to place without having a car due to the public transportation system, at any time of day you could take the bus or train in New York. In Florida, there are buses but most of them stop running early in the day, and many of the buses don’t go pass the city lines the best way to get around in Florida is with a car. When I was sixteen I moved to Orlando from New York. I had to rapidly adjust to the slow pace life of Floridians. The adjustment that was hardest for me was getting use to the transportation system, because my family didn’t have a car and we also didn’t know how to drive, like most New Yorkers. In New York everything is within a short distance of one another, so there is no need for cars when you can use public transportation. A reason people don’t drive in New York as much as a person living in Florida the gas price is $3.55 and in New York the gas price is $5.50. In Florida the easiest way to get around is to drive. In New York, you continuously run into traffic gridlocks during rush hour. That is when the public transportation will come in accessible. In Florida there rarely is traffic, if so it’s very light. In New York, everything is within walking difference. So if you don’t want to take public transportation, you can easily walk from point A to point B.
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