Compare and Contrast Mr. Ramachandran with George.

Topics: Marriage, Short story Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: December 31, 2012

The short story “Cat in the Rain” is about an American couple spends their holiday in Italian Hotel. Its story about the American Girl wants to protect the cat from the raindrops. After returning to the hotel room, she start conversation with George who reading all the time, telling him how much she want to have a cat and others things for. Her husband seems to be annoyed by that and not interested at all. At the end of the story there is a knock on the door and the maid stand there holding a cat for the American girl in her hands. While the story about “A Question of Dowry” is about an Indian girl named Sivasothie was going to be engaged with a doctor named Thirulcelvam that choose by the family. In the beginning, Sivasothie’s parents were preparing a dowry to give it to the bridegroom’s family. Then, the problem arises when Mr. Ramachandran told his wife that they cannot afford to give the dowry they agreed to give because of disvalued of his wife’s piece of land to sell. Then, it ended up when the doctor reject marriages with his daughter because of the dowry promised. Sivasothie feel sad and hurt. From these two stories, we can know the secondary characters namely George and Mr. Ramachandran. From this, we can compare and contrast each character of these stories. Mr. Ramachandran is a caring person. As a head of family, he very cares about his family especially about her daughter who want to be engaged with the doctor. He also concern about the land that is use for the dowry. He worried that he cannot pay for the necklace and afraid that it is impossible to sell a quarter of land because the land is now too marshy for house-holding. One of the exemplary characters of Mr. Ramachadran is patient. He always cools down when he cannot interrupt his wife conversations and also be patient with the attitude of his wife who are materialistic, like to control people and slyly. Mr. Ramachandran is tolerate and...
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