Compare and Contrast How Louis Xiv, Peter the Great and the Hohenzollern Family (Btw. 1640-1740) Created Successful Absolute Monarchies Through Their Use/Manipulation of Nobility, Religion, Bureaucracy, and Economics.

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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(Compare and Contrast how Louis XIV, Peter the Great and the Hohenzollern family (btw. 1640-1740) created successful absolute monarchies through their use/manipulation of nobility, religion, bureaucracy, and economics.) The absolute age of Europe (roughly 1600’s-1750) was a time when absolute monarchy had begun becoming more popular by countries such as Habsburg's lands, France, and Russia. There Is no one specific formula for an absolute monarchy however, in studying several such monarchies of the 17th century it is evident that the leadership of the country must address and control the countries nobility, economy, bureaucracy, and the countries religious attitude. By examining the policies of Louis XIV,Peter the Great, and the Hohenzollerns, one can see that these essential components of society and government are required to a successful absolute monarchy. Each of these absolute rulers believed in manipulating the nobility to better serve their governments however, each attempted to accomplish this difficult task differently. Louis XIV mainly wanted to keep the French nobles from creating rebellion as they had during the Fronde (1649-1652), a civil war that began when Louis XIV chief ministers’ policies of centralization upset the nobility and caused great unrest among the people. Louis believed the sudden implementation of heavy-handed policies were counter productively affecting the people therefore, he believed in working around the nobility in order to make the monarchy the most powerful institution in France. The Hohenzollern’s and Peter the Great had different strategies of making their governments all powerful. Peter the Greats main focus was keeping the tsar, his government, secure from the streltsy, the guards of the Moscow army, and secure from the boyars, Old Russian nobility. Peter reduced the boyar’s power by revoking their traditions, such as cutting their long beards and shearing their hand covering robes, which had always been a part of...
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