Compare and Contrast Essay

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  • Published : July 23, 2011
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Courtney Rist
Comparison/Contrast essay

College Football vs. the NFL
The game of football is widespread around the United States. The subject of college football versus professional football includes a topic of many debates among football fans across America. Each individual has their own opinion on which they prefer. There are many similarities, of course, when comparing college football to the NFL. First and foremost, the same basic rules of the game apply. Teams are comprised of similar members, with similar duties. For instance, each have a quarterback, receivers, defense players, offense players, and so forth. In both college and the NFL, the competition between fan’s and rivalry remains intense. Fans within each division favor certain teams and incorporate enthusiasm. Fans may sport hats or wigs, also even painting themselves to represent their favoritism. By the design of the game, whether it is college or an NFL game, fans are thrilled by an action-packed experience. Differences among college football and the NFL are attributed as well. One of the primary differences includes that professional football players are paid high salaries. Although some may argue that college players are awarded scholarships that may be portrayed as a salary, it slightly compares to the pay of a professional player. In addition, there are more teams within the NFL rather than college teams. Also, professional games are longer; along with a difference in the overtime rule. While a college overtime rule seems fairer than the NFL overtime rule, the NFL strategizes in a better way. The NFL overtime system provides the coin toss, while the college over time system does not. The biggest problem pertained with the college overtime system has to do with field position. The teams start in the field goal range; this makes an easy sack of the quarterback. Also, starting in the field goal range makes it difficult to gain yards...
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