Compare and Contrast Character and Portrayal of Katharina and Bianca in the First 3 Acts of the Play.

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Katherine and Bianca show the difference between the social role of women and the way women were treated during this period. Though there are more differences than similarities between Bianca and Katharina such as their reaction towards men and their daily rituals. The main difference between the societal norm of women, such as Bianca during the time that the play was written against the aggressive, bad-tempered women, such as Katharina, who were classed as shrews. Bianca and Katherine do have some similarities in this play such as their reasons for marrying. Katharina and Bianca in Taming of a Shrew are both are very sensitive and very high-strung at times. They both seem to hate each other but really they just see the truth behind their actions. Another aspect of Katharina and Bianca’s actions in the first three acts of the play is the attitude. Both of their characters change attitudes or see the truth about themselves near the end the third act.

Bianca and Katharina are completely opposite. Katharina is portrayed as the misbehaving and malicious woman whereas Bianca is seen as a sweet and respectful young woman. Men in Taming of a Shrew sees Katharina as a curse and Bianca as a goddess. For example, ‘Katharina is called “Katherine the cursed” whilst Bianca is called “Minerva”, the roman goddess of Wisdom.’ This shows how much the attitude towards men from a women is profound the actions that the men take with them. Their father, Baptista Minola, seems to appreciate his youngest daughter, Bianca, the most because of her compliancy to do what she is told to do. She seems to accept her social role and even enjoy having men fight over her. Bianca shows what society expected of women during Shakespearean times. Katharina does the opposite to what Bianca does – Katharina taunts the easily dominated men who are scared of her. Katharina shows what wasn’t expected or even wanted from women. For example, ‘I did but tell her she mistook her frets…struck me on the...