Comparative Study Between Malls

Topics: SM Mall of Asia, SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall Pages: 6 (1767 words) Published: July 23, 2011

TOY KINDOM (SM CITY NORTH EDSA) VS. TOYS “R” US (ROBINSONS GALLERIA) The Toy Kingdom at SM North EDSA is one of the anchors inside, owned by the International Toyworld Inc. On the other hand, Li & Fung Retailing and Robinsons Retail Group forged an alliance to bring TOYS "R" US to the country. Toys “R” Us at Robinsons Galleria is its very first branch here in the Philippines. These two stores can be further compared by the following factors: A. NATURE OF MERCHANDISE AND SERVICES OFFERED

Toy Kingdom features a variety of world-class, good quality toys that kids would surely like. The toys vary in many ways. There are toys for girls and boys of all ages. They offer some sort of materials for children’s parties. The salespeople in the store are very approachable and responsive. They are willing to provide prompt service for their customers. Meanwhile, Toys “R” Us offers almost similar nature of merchandise that Toy Kingdom offers. They offer wide variety of high quality toys and play equipment for all ages but most especially for children of young ages. The salespeople in the store are accommodating and are willing to help customers anytime.

Customers can buy toys at Toy Kingdom for as low as fifty pesos only. The toys and other play equipment in the store vary in many prices. Motors, bikes and cars for kids range from three thousand up to eight thousand pesos. Small toys such as stuff toys and board games can be purchased for one hundred pesos and above. Toys “R” Us products for boys and girls including robots and barbies varies from five hundred pesos to one thousand pesos. We have observed that Toy Kingdom offers a more economical merchandise compared to Toys “R” Us. C. ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION PROGRAM

Both Toy Kingdom and Toys “R” Us offer discounts for consumers. Toy Kingdom give twenty percent discount to some customers. They have toykingdom membership card that allows consumers to earn points for every purchase. They also have free gift wrapping services. They advertise through internet and promote products through product demonstrations. Toys “R” Us give raffle coupons in every purchase. Like Toy Kingdom. They also offer free gift wrapping services for a minimum purchase of three hundred pesos. D. APPROACH TO STORE DESIGN AND VISUAL MERCHANDISING

The two stores were made attractive for the eyes of consumers especially for the kids. They have well lighted stores and the ambiance is kid-friendly. Sample products are displayed in front of the store to have the consumers be attracted to enter.

Toy Kingdom is located at the second floor building of SM City North Edsa. Meanwhile At the fourth floor of Robinsons Galleria, the Toys “R” Us is located. The two stores both have a strategic location to be able to attract consumers. ACE HARWARE(SM CITY NORTH EDSA) VS. HANDYMAN(ROBINSONS GALLERIA)

Ace Hardware has grown to become one of the country’s leading home hardware chains in the Philippines. On the other hand, Handyman began operating with the opening of its first branch at Robinsons Galleria. A. NATURE OF MERCHANDISE AND SERVICES OFFERED

ACE Hardware’s core product ranges can be summarized under the home improvement merchandise.  Its five main categories are paints and sundries, electrical and plumbing, hardware and power tools, building materials and outdoor merchandising. While, Handyman Do It Best Home Center carries over 15,000 different kinds of items for hardware, gardening, and automotive merchandise. It carries over thousands of different kinds of items for gardening, automotive merchandise, building materials, lumber, paints and other hardware and home improvement merchandise. B. PRICING POLICY

Prices of the products of Ace Hardware depend upon the brand and the size of the product. Some products are of high prices but the quality of the product is worth...
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